AA Approved

Cunningham Autopoint are now an AA Approved Dealership.

To become an AA Approved Dealer, a Dealership undergoes an independent inspection by the AA, covering areas such as;

  • General Dealership Facilities
  • Dealership Procedures – How the Dealer transacts with customers, how it records and holds customer information and what kind of ITC systems the dealer uses. 
  • Stocking Policies - What Kind of Vehicles the Dealer holds for Retail Sale, What vehicle checks are carried out by the Dealer on their cars before offering for sale to the public and what the dealer constitutes as vehicles they won’t offer for sale to the public, i.e. previously damaged vehicles, stolen recovered vehicles and vehicles that are not safe for consumer use.
  • Vehicle Preparation and Reconditioning Procedures – How the Dealer Mechanically and Physically checks each car before resale, what Service operations the dealer carries out as a minimum on all vehicles and what the dealers warranty policies are.

Following an AA Inspection in September 2014, Cunningham Autopoint were proud to be awarded “AA Approved Dealer” status.

In addition to AA Approval, Cunningham Autopoint include One Years AA Premium Membership with all Cars that it sells. This highest level of AA Membership includes Roadside Rescue, Home Start and Rescue Plus. As well as the obvious benefits of Roadside rescue and Home Start, Rescue Plus adds the additional benefit of Replacement Car, Public Transport expenses or overnight accommodation should the AA not be able to repair your car at the roadside. Rescue Plus also includes the towing of your vehicle to any destination of your choice in Ireland, including back to Cunningham Autopoint, should your car require attention.

Your car doesn’t necessarily have to be broken down to use this AA Policy, you may have lost your keys (or locked them in the car!!), have a flat battery, be involved in a collision or mistakenly filled up with the wrong fuel.

For further information on how our AA Approved Dealership can safeguard your next vehicle purchase, please contact any member of staff in Cunningham Autopoint who will be more than happy to discuss the programme with you.

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